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Livestock Sales

Animal Sale Policy


If purchased without a setup from us we will require to see proof of enclosure before any animal is released. This setup is required to have up to date UVB lighting and a thermostat. Photographic proof of both of these items will be requested at time of purchase. 


No animal will be released into a customers care until full payment has been received. 


All reptile livestock purchases are covered for 72 hours, which means a full refund/replacement will be offered in the unfortunate instance that a reptile passes. 


All amphibian purchases are covered for 24 hours.

Thermostat Policy

The Reptile Hut has a strict thermostat policy where thermostats are a pre-requisite of any responsible reptile keeper’s set up. If you purchase a full set up from us a thermostat will be included unless you can prove you already own a thermostat for the application at hand. You will be provided with a full explanation of the correct installation of a thermostat and how to get the most from your product. The job of a thermostat is to regulate the temperature within the vivarium. Thermostats constantly monitor the temperature within a vivarium via the sensor (or probe) and alter the wattage going to the heat source so as to avoid temperature peaks and troughs. It is this safety net that allows you to have peace of mind regarding the environment in which your animal resides. Most species of reptiles require a cooling period in winter with gentle declines and rises in temperature over protracted periods to activate the animal’s natural breeding response. To achieve this accurately and therefore increase your animal’s breeding potential you will need a thermostat. Thermostat choices can be confusing and they are designed for a specific application but we will happily point you in the right direction. Thermostats and their uses: - MAT-STAT / Mini-stat 100w : Designed for heat pads only. - TEMPERATURE STAT / Mini-stat 300w: Designed for multiple heat pads / power plates / smaller ceramic bulbs. - PULSE PROPORTIONAL THERMOSTAT / B2 600w: Designed for multiple heat pads / power plates / larger ceramic bulbs. - DIMMING THERMOSTAT / B1 600w: Designed for all heat sources. - DL2: Microprocessor control for non-light emitting heat sources. - DL1: Microprocessor control for all heat sources. - (ME): Some thermostats come with a magic eye feature allowing 24hour control including day time high and night time low. Triggered by light levels. There are also now modern digital units available from both Habistat and Microclimate. These are proving to be very popular and are revolutionizing temperature control in vivariums.

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