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About Us...

The Reptile Hut is owned and run by Jim and Natalie. We've been in the reptile hobby for a combined 45 years and finally decided to take the plunge and open a specialist reptile shop in 2021. Keeping these beautiful animals is a life long passion. 


We always have a varied selection of species available, which always includes many morphs of leopard geckos, royal pythons and crested geckos. We are fortunate to be able to call on some of the regions best breeders with the highest husbandry standards, which in turn enables us to offer high quality reptiles time after time. 


Our in house breeding program is expanding quickly, with a focus on high end leopard gecko morphs, crested geckos, hognose morphs and other colubrids. We aim to be able to cater for all levels of reptile keeper. 


Reptiles, their welfare and helping the next generation of herpetologists are our main focus. 

What we Offer...

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Habitats +

Basic Care

We stock a wide range of both live, and frozen food for your reptiles, ensuring that all your reptiles dietary requirements are met.

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We always carry top quality starter kits for younger reptiles. These starter kits ensure that juvenile reptiles get the best start in life. 

Whether it's an arid, desert species like Uromastyx or a cooler temperate species like Crested Geckos we have everything you will need to create a reliable, species specific habitat that will enable your reptile to flourish.

We are here for all your reptile needs. Our aim is to make sure your reptile thrives!

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